APD | Genuine Concerns over ‘Hindu extremists’ controlling Indian N-arsenal

2022-09-29 15:28 BY APD NEWS

Author:  Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Founding Chair GSRRA, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Editor, Analyst, Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization). (E-mail:

“The custodial controls of India’s large triad of the nuclear arsenal have now fallen firmly in the hands of an extremist fundamentalist leadership,” experts said, adding that the “toxic mix of poisonous ideology and custody of nuclear weapons” was a new phenomenon that was posing a serious threat to strategic stability in South Asia.

The Global community is genuinely concerned as the extremist and fundamentalists are controlling Indian nuclear arsenals. Several cases of selling Uranium in the open market are reported by Indian media, which is a highly dangerous phenomenon. The entrance of the Supersonic Missile into Pakistani territory was also an alarming situation, it could have triggered a nuclear war between the two nuclear rivals. It was the visionary leadership and sensible decision of the Pakistani Government to wait and investigate the matter, instead of responding immediately. However, Pakistan was fully ready to respond to any egression at any time. But when both countries are nuclear powers and possess enough piles of nuclear weapons to destroy each other completely, Pakistan has to show more sense of responsibility and take decisions wisely and smartly. 

Pakistan’s establishment is worried that India’s nuclear arsenal is now controlled by Hindu extremist leaders, who had long been obsessed with nuclear nationalism. The history of extremist groups in India goes back a century old, but, they were not in political power to exercise their ambitions and ill-designs. However, Prime Minister, won the election with the support of several small Hindu extremist groups and political parties, with a promise to bring their agenda as his government's agenda. After becoming Prime Minister, he empowered them to exercise their agenda, which is to transform India from a democratic and secular state into a “Pure Hindu State”. RSS the armed extremist group of the ruling BJB party is openly demanding all minorities convert to Hinduism or leave India. They are demanding all Christians should convert to Hinduism or return to Europe. And all Muslims should convert to Hinduism, or return back to the Middle East. India is only for Hindus, and no other religion has the right to live in India. The extremist Hindus are backed by the state, and under the full protection of the Government, are over-engaged in the genocide of all minorities. Their atrocities and brutalities are well known to the International community. Amnesty International and Human Rights organizations are publishing a report on Indian violations of Human rights which are well understood by the whole world. 

The concern, which has been discussed for some time in academic circles, was expressed by Pakistan’s National Command Authority adviser Lt. Gen retired Khalid Ahmed Kidwai, at the 8th workshop on Strategic Stability in South Asia, organized by the Centre for International Strategic Studies and The International Institute for Strategic Studies, the CISS said in a statement on Monday.

Gen. Kidwai warned that this development would not only affect nuclear-armed South Asia but could have consequences for the rest of the world also. He emphasized ‘poisonous ideology’ as a serious threat to strategic stability in S. Asia.

Indian National Command Authority, the top nuclear body, is led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has maintained an aggressive nuclear stance in office. He was allegedly involved in the massacre of Muslims in the state of Gujrat in 2002 when he was Chief Minister of the State. The NCA’s executive council is, meanwhile, headed by National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, another hawk, who masterminded Delhi’s surgical strikes drama of 2016. Moreover, a few ministers with having RSS background are also members of the NCA. They include Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

In his public rallies, PM Modi has talked about the usability of nukes. Under Modi’s watch, his ministers and retired senior officials have signaled changes in the nuclear doctrine, which they later denied. His ministers have also made provocative and irresponsible statements on various occasions.

Gen Kidwai warned that the threat posed by extremists’ control of Indian nuclear weapons had “assumed a real-life character and momentum of its own”. The situation, he noted, had affected not only the region but also beyond.

He said the February 2019 air strike in Balakot and the March 2022 missile incidents were examples of extremists committing aggression against its nuclear-armed neighbor while ignoring the consequences.

Rejecting the Indian assertion that a BrahMos missile that crashed in Pakistan on March 9 had been accidentally fired, Gen Kidwai, who has overseen several tests, said it was not an accident as the launch could not have taken place without political clearance at the highest level and detailed operational and technical planning spanning over weeks. Pakistan, on both occasions, displa­yed restraint and maturity in diffusing the tensions, thereby preventing South Asia from spiraling into potential catastrophes, he said. As a matter of fact, India is not mature to possess the lethal weapons. The extremist has hijacked the Indian government, who are not capable and do not understand their global responsibilities.

Referring to the so-called AUKUS submarine deal under which US and UK would proliferate nuclear technology to Australia to build nuclear attack submarines, he warned against making a similar arrangement with India. It might start a new arms race in the region, which is neither desired, nor affordable. “Quad”, an anti-China alliance of India, Japan, Australia, and the US, is equally destabilizing the region and creating tension and hostile environments.

“I have no hesitation in stating that minimum Pakistani countermeasures would be put in place if a reckless imbalance is induced in South Asia, it is not a warning, it is a contingency foreseen,” Gen Kidwai said while recalling that exceptionalism had been repeatedly employed in South Asia in the past in disregard of Pakistani concerns.

History, he asserted, also tells that Pakistan did not let international exceptionalism stand in its way to address the imbalances created in the past.

Pakistan is a peace-loving nation and feels that it is its sole responsibility to take on board the International community of the alarming situation in South Asia. South Asia is home to one-fourth of the global population and a big disaster is posed by India. It might engulf the whole region or the whole world. It is important to sensitize the global community and urged them to take all possible measures to prevent any misadventure by India. 

Hope all peace-loving nations and individuals will join hands to save this universe from any big disaster. Save humankind!