APD | China and Pakistan are committed to the final victory

2022-04-28 14:29 BY APD NEWS

Author:  Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Editor, Analyst, Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization). (E-mail:

It is an open secret that the rivalry between the US and China is growing. The US conceives China as a threat. The rise of China may undermine the US hegemony and supremacy. The rate of growth of China is much high as compared to any country in the world. Especially, much higher than the US and Europe. The US and EU economy has reached their peak and is saturated already, further developments are rather impossible. With this scenario, the US and Europe cannot compete China. The only way, as they conceive, is to contain China, counter China, and resist China’s rise. This is an open secret and expressed by American leadership publically on several occasions.

Of course, the US is not in a position to afford direct confrontation with China. They are afraid of Chinese reaction and reciprocity. That is why. The US is using cold-war tools to counter China. They have launched a media war, and spread fake news and fabricated stories to distort China’s image. On other hand, imposing trade barriers harm the Chinese economy. Using International institutions like IMF, World Bank, Paris Club, and FATF, to minimize Chinese influence. The recent example of regime change in a few countries is a part of the anti-China adventure.

Pakistan, being the closest friend of China, the US is not sparing this front too and using various tactics to harm China directly or indirectly. There is huge pressure on Pakistan to roll back CPEC, leave BRI, and keep its distance from China. Even, putting Pakistan under the grey list in the FATF is part of the anti-China movement. IMF, with its tough terms and conditions, is directly coercing Pakistan. 

A high-profile meeting of intelligence bosses of over 20 countries was held in the Indian capital New Delhi and was organized by Indian Intelligence Agency RAW. One of the agendas was to counter China, sabotage Chinese projects, and harm Chinese interests in the region, especially in Pakistan. The strategy was formulated to counter China, BRI, and CPEC to create unrest in Pakistan and dent Pakistan, and China ties. India has been actively hitting Chinese nationals, Chinese projects, assets, and interests in Pakistan for quite some time. Weather attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi, Five Star hotel in Gwadar or Quetta, where Chinese guests were staying, or, Chinese projects, etc. 

The recent incident, suicide attack on Chinese teachers of Confucius Institute at Karachi University is the latest addition. The suicide bombing by a female bomber when she blasted herself nearly a meter away from a van, carrying teaching staff including three Chinese teachers of Confucius Institute, located inside the premises of the University of Karachi.

The government of Pakistan has strongly condemned, the Prime Minister of Pakistan visited the Chinese embassy in Islamabad, and condole over the death of Chinese citizens, assured China that his government will not rest until the criminals involved in the suicide attack on the Chinese nationals in Karachi are brought to justice. He also sent a special condolence message to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Many political leaders, civil society, and the general public have also condemned the incident. There exists severe anger in the masses of Pakistan. The whole nation is in shock and grief over the brutal attack on its iron brother, and, extends heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the Chinese government, its people, and the families of the victims. The public condemn this terrorist attack in the strongest words and urged Government to eradicate all forms of terrorism, especially against our Ironclads.

The law enforcement agencies are investigating the incident to apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice. Local authorities are also providing all possible assistance to the injured. While the evidence is being compiled, a comprehensive investigation is undergoing. The report may be shared with Chinese authorities too. However, the immediate reaction is that it might be executed by a Pakistani female, but, conceived, planned, and sponsored by India. Who has motivated her, provided weapons, transported her, and funded them, they are required to be investigated? 

It is an act of a common enemy of China and Pakistan. A joint strategy is required to address it. Relevant authorities in both countries, are working in close collaboration and will resolve it. For Pakistan, our Iron brother’s blood is not so cheap, the criminals have to pay a heavy price. Both nations, China and Pakistan are committed to defeating their common enemy and keep on struggling till the final victory.