APD | Ground realities in Afghanistan

2021-12-02 17:39 BY APD NEWS

Author:  Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Editor, Analyst, Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan. (E-mail:

The latest reports from Afghanistan have revealed that the shortage of food and medicines hurts public life. The US imposed sanctions and frozen their assets to pressurize them and surrender them. The denial of humanitarian assistance has aggregated the sufferings of the public but also has exposed the nature of Americans and the atrocity of their system.

Because of American sanctions, the Taliban may face temporary difficulties particularly financial hardship but because of giving the regional blessings, they will overcome sooner rather than later. Taliban in Afghanistan is not a foreign force of invaders or aggressors. They are the son of the soil and have struggled for two long decades to liberate themselves from American illegal occupation.

They are victorian freedom fighters who have decimated the image of invincibility of the existing superpower plus 46 allies along with 11 partners all at the same time. A victory, which no one can imagine. It has exposed the American, not only militarily, but intellectually, because, many experts, advisors, think tanks were propagating a pro-American version, totally against the ground realities. Maybe Americans were over-engaged to malign and distort their image on the media only. They have hidden the facts and the strength of the Taliban. Ultimately, they succeeded to push Americans out of their motherland. 


It is possible that not everyone is happy with the Taliban in Afghanistan. There must be few people who do not support are do not like the Taliban. But the absolute majority has accepted their rule. Since they took over on 15 August 2021, there was no resistance, no demonstration, no protection against the Taliban. The stability in Afghanistan, the improved situation of law and order, and public trust in the Taliban have enhanced day by day. In fact, the Taliban has not punished anyone, nor killed or arrested anyone. They have granted a general amnesty to everyone. They are providing full protection to women's rights and involving almost all sects, factions, and political parties in broader consultation. They may not fit in Western-style democracy, but, got wider recognition from all groups, and factions. They are not dictating others, but ruling their hearts and minds with their high morals and characters.

 The US needs to learn from the fake analysis provided by their scholars, intellectuals, and think tanks that put America in an embarrassing situation. It is high time for assessing ground realities and framing policies accordingly. When it comes to humanitarian crises in harsh weather food and medical supplies shortage brings along an alarming situation not only for the Afghan population and Taliban leadership but challenges the US ethical standards as well. Exposed!

The Afghan population needs emergency humanitarian assistance to go through this challenging weather and circumstances. This seems to be incredible that humanity stooped to this low level in taking revenge on the poor Afghan people who already suffered from the miseries inflicted on them by the western coalition since 2001 and before that at the hand of the (former) Soviet Union intervention for 10 years from 1979-89 in Kabul. The strategic objectives of the US in the wake of its withdrawal appear to be curative on setting humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, prolonging chaos, and bringing down the Taliban/regime change. Unfortunately!

This has resulted in innumerable misery to the people of Afghanistan whose economic and social life has been shattered and in ultimate chaos. Nothing could be worse than this kind of attitude which does not have any practical gains from its protagonist policies, even less leverage of any kind on the situation in Afghanistan.

It is important for the western world, particularly the western media to understand that Afghanistan is an example of their last colonial/imperial enterprise which had to go wrong. The victory of the Afghan people is the victory of justice-loving people. The Taliban have proven much smarter, wiser, and enlightened that the world may not be ready to believe. It appears that the western world is still carrying baggage from the past.

Taliban are proud of their struggle for liberating their motherland, while the US is mourning its humiliation and defeat.